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Pauline Gerosa DFAstrolS

Faculty of Astrological Studies

Diploma Holder since 1992

Pauline Gerosa Astrology

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An Astrology, Birth Chart, or Horoscope Reading is based on your birth date.

A chart or map of the placements of the Sun Moon and Planets as they appeared against the 12 zodiac star groups when you were born is drawn up and used to describe the energies that are yours to use (or misuse!) as you travel along your evolutionary Life Path on Planet Earth.

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When you ask for a reading, you are really asking your Wise, True Self to guide you, through the mind and mouth of the astrologer who is reading for you. This is why you may not receive the short, simple answers you are expecting.

Your Inner Guide knows what you need to know now in order to serve your best interests in the long term! Your Wise self will NEVER try to tell your fortune, frighten you with forecasts of doom and gloom or use strange forces or powers to influence you. Your Inner Guide is dedicated to your best interests. It always wants what’s best for you. It will not interfere with your free will but will try to guide you towards what is absolutely right for you.

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Astrology is an ancient art, with roots that can be traced back to pre-historic times.

It is a language of symbols and its true purpose is to help us understand the deeper mysteries of the Cosmos. Astrology and Astronomy used to be treated as two approaches to the same subject, with Astrology taking the philosophical approach while Astronomy took the pragmatic or scientific view. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) practised as a professional astrologer-astronomer. He believed in astrology but deeply disapproved of using it as a tool for unethical fortune-telling.

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Most people know astrology as the 12 Zodiac Signs, with their own distinct characteristics. They are also known as “Sun Signs” because they represent the apparent movement of the Sun across the heavens through the course of a year. Of course we know that it’s the Earth that is moving around the Sun as it travels along its annual orbit. But Astrology deals with the way things appear rather than the way they are.

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